Cell Phone Recovery

Greece has one of the highest rates of mobile phone users in Europe. For this reason, the need to recover data on mobile phones is increasing rapidly.

Technically mobile phones use a variety of operating systems and file systems, when in need of data recovery from a cell phone, some very basic recovery software can be found on the Internet but they are not always the best solution. Many damaged mobile phones can not even be reached with USB and many times we need to perform a special process on the phones flash memory or depending where the data is stored in order to achieve a recovery.

Our engineers can perform data recovery on mobile phones in cases such as destruction, accidental and intentional deletion, damaged mobile phones from water and fire, deleted sim card, viruses and many other issues.

When an SMS is deleted for whatever reason, it is still stored on the SIM for a certain amount of time, such is the case if it holds a memory card or it was located on the flash memory of the phone (all this depends on the phone model and user settings). If the mobile phone comes to our labs early enough, there is a good chance to fully recover the message or messages.

Today we all have pictures and videos stored on our mobiles and almost all mobile phones have cameras. There are hundreds of images and videos stored on mobile phones and in cases of data loss recovering these types of files is a bit trickier on mobile phones than in other storage devices.  Therefore during some type of failure or data loss on these devices can make the files on it totally inaccessible. Such recovery cases from mobiles are quite complex and can be a very serious problem. Our engineers at DataRecall use new proprietary techniques to recover data and fully reconstruct images and videos, providing our customers with a complete and full recovery.

Below we have a list of some of the mobile models we’ve worked with frequently in the past:

  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Sony Ericcson
  • Alcatel
  • Panasonic
  • Sanyo
  • Phillips
  • BenQ
  • LG

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