Deleted Files Recovery

DataRecall can recover deleted or lost files caused by various factors, including human error, sudden shutdowns of computers or deleted files after formatting a computer.

Special tools and software is used to search for lost or deleted data. It is very important in these cases not to try
«Do it yourself» methods, simply because many software’s on the internet write to storage medias without prior notification or warnings, thus causing almost guaranteed data loss. Why risk it?

DataRecall follows laboratory safety measures and techniques to ensure that our clients receive the best possible chance to recover there data safely. Firstly, we never work with the original storage unit, a clone is always created and all work is performed on the clone unit rather than the original, ensuring an error free process. In addition to this, we use specialized tools and techniques, thus creating a very high success rate.

If you have accidentally deleted or can not find certain data, please contact us immediately before you do anything. Our professional opinion will guide you through the necessary steps that must be followed.