Emergency Service

With over ten years of experience in the field of data recovery and as data recovery specialists, with DataRecall any data loss is temporary.

DataRecall offers fast, safe and convenient solutions to its customers concerning problems they have experienced such as the loss of data from different types of storage media (hard drives, usb flash, memory cards, RAID systems, etc.).

DataRecall consists of a team of highly experienced specialists with the appropriate knowledge and experience to offer advanced data recovery solutions and guarantee quality service to all our customers.

DataRecall holds the most advanced know-how techniques and the latest technology in specialized tools concerning data recovery. Combined with a modern infrastructure (lab), DataRecall has the power of reliability.

DataRecall is a leader of innovation, with much growth in efficiency, productivity, quality service and competitiveness. Taking into consideration the fact that there several cases in our laboratories, with high levels of difficulty, derive from many technical companies that have partnered with us who also advertise data recovery as one of their services, this gives you a clear picture of the essence and quality of our work of our services which are provided all over the greater region of Greece. Our goal is to be able to achieve the results anticipated for our clients which are nothing less than recovering your lost data.

Data Recovery of lost or inaccessible files from damaged storage devices is a priority for DataRecall, as all this creates the confidence and assurance for our customers.

To see the price for emergency starts please check our pricelist over here.