NAS Recovery

Recent statistics from cases we have had have shown that more and more companies are turning to NAS systems for there storage needs.

These products help companies and small businesses bring all data in one place where it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime!

These NAS systems can add data capacity in an affordable way, data can be stored and instantly accessible from any computer within an existing network and offer a central and safe (automated) backup system for extra data protection and security so that files will be safe.

This was the positive side of the NAS, but if we really analyze these systems we will see that the data storage units (hard drives) within the NAS are much like a normal RAID. As we already know, hard drives can fail for any reason, at any time, just like any RAID system, which the NAS resembles very much.

During the last year DataRecall faced many data loss problems concerning NAS systems, all these with a very high success rate. Many terabytes of data was recovered successfully using special techniques and methods, we offered a sigh of relief to many desperate customers who mistakenly used this device as there only primary backup.

If you have a NAS system that does not work or does not respond, please do not panic or try to run any tests which may cause further damage to the device. Contact us at any time during the day, evening or weekends for free consultation on what to do. Do not take matters into your own hands and risk your data permanently!