Raid Recovery

What is RAID?

RAID … is a technology used, for disks to transfer data more quickly, provide greater capacity and increase security. This is achieved by combining multiple disks into a single logical unit; therefore the system recognizes multiple drives as a natural single unit.

DataRecall holds much experience, and uses the most advanced techniques and technologies, providing solutions for all structures and controller types, including all types of hard disk interfaces such as IDE, SATA, SCSI etc. Some of the types of causes of data loss from RAID systems that we can recover are natural disasters, accidental deletion, and the loss of files due to the deterioration or failure of storage media.

RAID Data Recovery Procedure

The recovery of data from a RAID system consists of a process strictly followed by us within our labs. The process starts with diagnosing every hard disk, correcting the damage or damages and then putting ever single hard drive through a cloning procedure. The cloning of each hard disk includes a sector by sector copy of all data from the damaged drive or drives to a clone drive or in other words a brand new drive. The overall success of the cloning procedure is determined by the type of hard drive failure or damage, furthermore the success of full sector by sector copy in most cases can determine the final result of the recovery at the end of the process.

When the cloning process is complete, we re-configure the RAID system to operate as an integrated unit as it originally functioned. This involves finding the parameters of the RAID system, the correct order of the hard disks if necessary, and together with some extremely important other parameters, we aim to get access to the data which when we do, follow up with an integrity check.

Some tips of what to do in case of a failure

Never replace a failed disk or disks with a foreign drive to the system if the system indicates them as off or not working…
If a disk makes strange noises, stop it immediately and call a professional for help as soon as you can….
Do not use any recovery tools or software in attempt to recover your data; it may cause permanent data loss if you don’t know what you are doing.
Do not defrag the raid system or perform any chkdsk if requested …
In any case of power failure, if the system fails to boot or data is not accessible try not to shut down and restart the system many times, at this stage it is impossible to know what has occurred and each time attempts are made it may worsen the situation. Contact us immediately for free consultation and we will guide you on the necessary steps.