SSD Recovery

DataRecall provides data recovery services for all SSD drives and operating systems based on NAND flash technology.

There is a big difference between normal hard disk drives and SSD, most importantly; the SSD has no mechanical parts. Generally, many people are led to believe that their data is much safer in an SSD rather than a normal hard disk which is composed of mechanical parts. Unfortunately this is not true. SSD drives can be more susceptible to damages where a normal hard drive would not have a problem!

Some errors that can occur are listed below:

• Sudden loss of power
• Magnetic Fields
• High Voltage

Apart from this, SSD drives have a limited number of write cycles, which therefore lead to future failure and risking or losing access to your data.
SSD drives have a very complex control system (controller), which helps to greatly extend reliability and increase speed. The controller functions like a processor running (firmware) level commands, and is one of the most important factors of an SSD’s performance. An example of this can be when a (chip) loses its ability to retain data or when some data shows an error that cannot be corrected by the error correction system of SSD, then that (chip) can be replaced with another available one on the SSD, but when we come to the point where the substitute chips are depleted by multiple errors, the SSD unit may simply stop working.

All storage media that comes through DataRecall labs, is properly diagnosed including SSD drives, this is an important step in order to determine the next steps that will be necessary to complete the recovery of your data from the drive. Once the diagnosis is completed our customers are immediately informed about the cost of the recovery. “When the cost report is approved we immediately begin the process of data recovery.

In DataRecall laboratories our extensive research on the subject of SSD has given us an advantage in providing solutions for our customers. Depending on the situation of the SSD, we firstly attempt to repair its electronic board, if it is not possible for whatever reason, we move into the next step which is a recovery process using an advanced reconstruction process of NAND chips, starting with the extraction of the NAND chip or chips from the circuit board and then the attempt to decode them using special tools and procedures, a process which lasts a long time and has a high level of difficulty. When the process is finished and the data is exported, we perform a quality check of the data to confirm its functionality.

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