Tape Drive Recovery

Many large companies have adapted to the use of tapes ex: (dat tapes) for storing large and small amounts of data. There are many benefits of using them as a backup, some of these are:

  • Speed
  • Higher reliability as storage media
  • Long life (decades)
  • Long availability as devices
  •  Lower energy consumption
  • Easily transportable

Although there are many positives for the use of tapes for companies, it does not mean that it is always safe and they can not be damaged or destroyed, they too are prone to failure and can become damaged trapping critical data within them. Stated below we have listed some common tape drive dysfunctions.

    Logic Damages: functional error, old and expired tapes, mistreatment of the tapes and human error.
Physical damage: broken tapes, dirt, dust, damages caused by fire, floods or other natural disasters.
Software Upgrades: unable to read from new programs or servers due to non compatibility after upgrades.

If you have encountered any problems concerning your tape drive, please don’t hesitate to contact a professional, to contact DataRecall.