Data Recovery

Is a process applied when your data is no longer accessible by someone, usually due to some kind of physical, logical or electronic damage suffered by a data storage device. Some different types of storage devices in the market today are hard disks, USB flash, memory cards, tapes, CD, DVD, RAID systems, etc…

However reliable or not, all storage devices are prone to different types of failures such mechanical, logical, electronic failures and human error, all of these can occur on any storage device.

Apart from these situations mentioned above, there are many other reasons why a storage device can fail and data may become inaccessible. For example, accidental file deletions, accidental formatting of a partition or device, even a dropped or knocked over external hard disk, and many other causes. Therefore, when normal methods fail to access data “data recovery” is the process used to regain access to your information and give you the ability to be able to reuse the data lost due to any type of damage that may have occurred.

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